Jan 30, 2011

30 of 365

One of my hubster's favorite eats in Tucson. Black Cherry drink was delish. Reminded me of Kool-Aid.

29 of 365

Love him. He's learning about Native Americans who still live in an isolated canyon.

28 of 365

Went to the mission outside of Tucson. The glow of candles is always enchanting.

27 of 365

Our first meal in Tucson: Sonoran Hot Dogs. As seen on Man v. Food.

Jan 26, 2011

26 of 365

Olallieberry shrub is starting to sprout leaves. Clearly, all this warmth is confusing the plants and the kiddos!

Jan 25, 2011

25 of 365

Used to be an avid scrapbooker. Now, I'm too lazy and too far behind. My friend Nic gave me the idea to do a vacation memory jar. Here's our Costa Rica jar.

Jan 24, 2011

24 of 365

   This mural is on a handball court of the 2nd school that I work at.

Jan 23, 2011

23 of 365

Our umpteenth visit to the Getty Center. Seriously, lost count of our visits.  Inspired by Jamie Beck's Met post
Post processing: grayscale and vignetting.

22 of 365

 Had my belated FOBulous birthday party with my a-mazing friends. I adore them.

Jan 21, 2011

21 of 365

Went to see the Monarchs this evening. When it's sunny, they drink water from the nearby puddles/standing waters. A fun fact told by the docent. 

Jan 20, 2011

20 of 365

Taken during a much needed 10 minute walk after school before I went to my 3-hour seminar for beginning teachers. Arch from the time of Junipero Sierra.

Jan 19, 2011

19 of 365

I'm 26 years old. My mom still sends me care packages ever so often. This time, I got literary artist and Sunday funnies stamps, Katy Perry's CD, and a thoughtful card. Yes, I still love stamps and CDs. I'm old school like that.

Jan 18, 2011

18 of 365

 I love collecting sea glass. It's sad to think that it comes from a discarded bottle like this one.

Jan 17, 2011

17 of 365

Had a very random day. Went to the coffee shop to wrap up work, roamed my favorite bookstore, and found a hidden nursery.

Jan 16, 2011

16 of 365

    We love our market where we can grind our own fresh peanut butter and flour. 

Jan 15, 2011

15 of 365

   Kept busy taking photos while we circled around and around in the Land Shark.

Jan 14, 2011

14 of 365

   I adore trees. They calm my soul even when they're bare in the winter.

Jan 13, 2011

13 of 365

Greetings from my craft room. I felt so inspired after a dull day at work. Then, I saw my cute mug from Anthropologie and my action figures for a Slinkachu inspired photo project. Instant smile.

Jan 12, 2011

12 of 365

Another sky photo. My hubster and I love to look at the stars together when we have free time.

Jan 11, 2011

11 of 365

A beautiful start to my day. I often forget how amazing it is to have a little cloud cover in the morning.

Jan 10, 2011

10 of 365

I love anything pickled (minus okra and pigs' feet). I'll eat them until I get a stomachache. Not  healthy, but they're so delicious. 

Jan 9, 2011

9 of 365

A sweet gift from a student for Christmas. Delicious homemade peach jam. 

Jan 8, 2011

8 of 365

Our Tabatha keeps our life spicy like habanero spicy. Good thing, she's gorgeous.

Jan 7, 2011

7 of 365

   Home before dark. Had to leave work before 3:30. Herbs are looking good.

Jan 6, 2011

6 of 365

Started to think that this project might be the end of my creative confidence. I haven't really liked any of my shots, but I'm honestly too busy or too tired to make more of an effort during this transitional week being at school. Hopefully, it'll get better.

Jan 5, 2011

5 of 365

So, I'm cheating. I took this photo awhile ago, and it's been on my desktop for awhile. I love graffiti, especially stencil graffiti. What does this one mean? I'm not quite sure.

Jan 4, 2011

4 of 365

   From Squirrel Seeks Chipmunk by David Sedaris. Very dark (the prose and my photo).

Jan 3, 2011

3 of 365

   Fuzzy crocheted booties from Jove. So cozy after a looong first day back to school.

Jan 2, 2011

2 of 365

    Most heavenly sheets. Thank you Costco.

Jan 1, 2011

1 of 365

First day of the new year. First step to getting beach ready. Whole wheat pasta with fresh tomato sauce and roasted winter veggies. Hubster approved.